Study: Standing Desks May Not Be Good For Health

Study: tanding desks may not be as good for health as thought.

You’d better taking this news sitting down (I’m on a sofa right now): Standing desks may not be the boon to health some thought they’d be.
Standing next to your desk can create “discomfort and deteriorating mental reactiveness,” which can lead to other problems with health and productivity, researchers report in a recent study published in the journal Ergonomics.

The new finding is contrary to previous research suggesting that sitting at a desk for too long can lead to long-term health problems. Those findings in recent years led to companies offering “standing desks,” as well as regular desks that lift into a standing position.

Workers have hoped standing would lead to weight loss, reduced back pain, better heart health and better productivity because they are more alert. The new study, however, contradicts that expectation, researchers say.

No way, we need to sit down 🙂

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